Cedric Playpen


Product Features:

  • Gentle rocking feature to relax baby to sleep
  • Its metal tubes are processed with antibacterial powder coat which prevents 99% germ regeneration
  • Double drop side for mother’s convenience in lifting and placing baby in the playpen
  • Removable mosquito net for baby’s safety against isect bites
  • Two-toned mattress- white for restful sleep and blue for dirt-free look during playtime
  • Padded top frame (PE tube) to safeguard the baby against head bumps
  • Square hole mesh allows better ventilation and gives clear visibility of the activities of your baby
  • Playpen mattress’ PVC covering material is easy to clean
  • Plywood flooring ensures steady support
  • Additional leg at the bottom for better support
  • Ideal for homes with limited space because of its compact 24″ x 32″ size
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